07 January 2011


OK so I went for an interview today, I almost cancelled it (yes I know it's counter productive) but I soldiered on.  It was at an agency for a really nice position at a big corporate.  I feel better now that I went.  Will hear next week sometime about the interview with the actual group.  So lets see..

My friend Laura has another blog she also runs called Female2Female and after my very depressing woe is me post from yesterday suggested that I write a weekly article for the site which I have agreed to do.  You know what they say about idleness being the devils ear cushion and all that!  So I am excited to start with that and GYM yay!!  I think we will start gym next week sometime, I can't wait to get back into exercising again, I did zilch over the December holidays and I feel totally yuck!  I haven't touched my pole either *sobs* luckily that will be remedied tonight when my other friend Mrs Rautenbach comes over for a chat/pole session!

I feel better today thank you - I guess it helps being Friday and all LOL!

Have a good one peeps!


  1. Good luck re the interview... though you don't sound all that enthused about it... is it a case of "not getting my hopes up"?

    And yes, it does help that it's friday :) I've got a few things waiting in the car - now just have to get the work day done and dusted...

    (poledanceemoticon) <-- can someone please invent it soon????

  2. All the best with the interview. If it's meant to be it will be.
    And I also hope to get into some exercising. Much as I hate it, it does make me feel so good about myself afterwards.
    Hope you are having a great weekend. And btw...I like the new look of the blog.